NIO Eve Concept, the revolutionary autonomous car

The chinese brand NIO (formerly known as NextEV) intends to leave its mark from the first moment. In the last part of the past year, brought to light the NIO EP9; a sporty electric with 1.360 horses, but now are looking to make the leap, showing their vision of how it will be the autonomous vehicle. It is stated that the NIO Eve Concept will land in the market in the year 2020.

For the moment, it is only a prototype, but board future trends automotive: Autonomous, electric, and will have artificial intelligence. It is the second car presented by the chinese company under the name of EVE, in front of the sporty electric EP9, which debuted in November of last year. The EP9 broke a record in circuits such as the Nürburgring, and the Circuit of the Americas, in Texas, united States).

NIO Eve Concept, el revolucionario coche autónomo

A robot on wheels

The company itself has qualified to the Eve Concept as a “robot on wheels”. The autonomous car will feature technology of self-driving, giant screens on the inside, and be able to communicate with the driver and with the outside using a communication-verbal and visual.

To develop the system of self driving, the Eve Concept in collaboration with Mobileye, and Nvidia. Until now, the chinese have not revealed all details of its operation, but it claimed most of the functions will be carried out through orders vocal. In this way, the NIO met with the aim of making easier and more satisfying experience of the driver, so that travel on this car will be a very simple task.

NIO Eve Concept, el revolucionario coche autónomo


The EVE Concept has an aesthetic as futuristic; it is a car length, which has a windshield, huge, and a panoramic roof. Gone are the A-pillars and B, has a large glass sliding doors, and features optical groups LED both front and rear.

As is known, the passenger compartment, where the main task will no longer be driving, with a comfortable seating capable of becoming a bed or a folding table. While the passengers relax, will command the artificial intelligence of the vehicle, which receives the name of NOMI. The artificial intelligence has a presence within the cabin of the car, in the form of black discs. NOMI controls the augmented reality that you see in the windshield, and learn of the passengers to make journeys custom.

NIO Eve Concept, el revolucionario coche autónomo

For now there are no known data of power; what is promised, is a range of 965 miles, and a system of charging by induction that in just 10 minutes you could fill out power for 321 kilometers.