McLaren 720S, A phenomenon aerodynamic

The McLaren 650S already has a successor, so what gives McLaren Automotive will take advantage of the Auto Show Geneva 2017, which would be held from the 9 of March of this year, the 19th of the same month.

This innovative model stands out for components that would provide a high-performance, as an example is the case of his attractive body of carbon and other composite materials, for which McLaren Automotive indicates that your weight can be just to 1.283 kilograms. A very important element to take into account this attractive car is the spoiler, which indicates that you get a downforce supreme, fundamental to the 720S brake from 200 KM/H in just 4.6 seconds.

Another feature in the which exceeds that of its predecessor, it is in the mechanical part. The new 720S has an engine of greater displacement (4.0 liters, surpassing the 3.8 of the previous).

McLaren 720S, Un fenómeno aerodinámico

And its greatest strength, aerodynamics

The aggressive design and the jump of the aesthetics of sports, it is clear that McLaren Automotive preponderó aerodynamics. Indicate that the behavior and resistance against the wind has improved significantly, it is estimated that is 50% more aerodynamic than its predecessor, the 650S. It is crucial to take into account the inputs of air, that will allow to channel the wind and generate more downforce. It has a kind of channel aerodynamic which will allow to cool down its powerful V8 engine.

The McLaren 720S continuous line named “Super Series” which is composed by the MP4-12C, the 650-S and also the 675 LT.

McLaren 720S, Un fenómeno aerodinámico

In the interior of the sporty, it can be seen as combining the colors of the car body (depends on the model you choose). Not have revealed all the details, but if you can observe the presence of aluminum in the cabin. Also there is a large touch-screen display, where what is more remarkable is the section of elements digital.

McLaren 720S, Un fenómeno aerodinámico

it Is estimated that the 720S come to Spain the following summer, and it is estimated a price of 240,000 euros at the exchange (208.600 pounds).