Lamborghini unveiled in Geneva its Hurricane Performant

The Geneva motor show 2017 took place the presentation of the new model of the Italian brand of luxury “Lamborghini”. Your great new prototype, called “Lamborghini Hurricane Performant” is a model that is impacting since he came to the field of competition between other sports, dazzling with his new aspect of racing with more personality than none at all. Looking for ride comfort, as well as improve the appearance of the car body, but without leaving behind their characteristic air dynamic; Lamborghini has played all of their cards to unleash the success and the exhilaration that provides this beauty with the engine.

The model of the Lamborghini Hurricane, is imposed among the spectators as the new replacement of the Gallardo, although, it shares an extensive amount of components that resemble the Audi R8, and categorise it openly as a sports car, with an aggressive personality and a captivating.

Lamborghini presentó en Ginebra su Huracan Performante

Extra aerodynamic

The new model of the brand has highlighted to so many details by the look aereodinámico that has. Has the snap-in WING (Aerodynamic Lamborghini Attiva) that in addition to being only an aggregate, formed part of a vast work in which is incorporated a series of improvements based on the front where you will find spoilers, mobile, or better known as “Flaps”; these have a utility precisely in the functionality of a vehicle as powerful as the Hurricane Performant, as they help maintain control of the vehicle as the speed is concerned, having more mastery over your body in the curves to distribute intelligently the air that passes through the effect of the quickly to their sides and / or decreasing the so-called “drag” in the pathways straight. Also at the rear of this “super car” is present the other flap where it developed a great system for doing so change your behavior based on the flow of air through the interior of the wing.

Lamborghini presentó en Ginebra su Huracan Performante

Among the improvements recognizable or most prominent of the self we may find its weight, since modifications were made in the same so that you can make a balance between ease of handling and the acceleration; this is due to the aluminum and the carbon fiber that we can find in the seats, designed to provide a comfort more full at the time of driving and fastening in a more safe and secure. The car reached the weight of 1,382 KG), which made a radical change both in its model and in the form that might be shown your speed. In their external appearance, stands out in his variable Performante the exhaust outlets, your tires, your bumper, which contain measures 20 inches and have a design completely unique.

Lamborghini presentó en Ginebra su Huracan Performante


In the inner part of this fabulous self we can find the large V10 engine of 5.2 liters, which is already known, with a series of modifications and a huge effort, which made the creators of this car worked for a development of 640 horse power. His speed and mechanism so bold, is due to the mentioned change in your exhaust pipe and your new titanium valves.

With this engine, the Hurricane Performance is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, from 0 to 200 km/h in 8.9 seconds. The maximum speed of this torpedo Italian is encrypted at 325 km/h, showing in addition a new lap record at the legendary circuit of Nurburgring Nordschleife.

according To Lamborghini, this Hurricane Performant pays tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Devil by means of the attribution of the bronze color that stand out in the range of shades that manifest in the body. The supercar Italian, will have in its internal design installed a new display that is fully configurable depending on the driving mode selected -Strada, Sport or Corsa-. Similarly, the interior of this long-awaited car also brings with it the presence of new vents, paddle shifters, door handles, and alcantara. The car will go on sale in summer with a price that starts from 195.040 euros.