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What are the dimensions of the Fiat Panda? This small Italian model is really compact; ideal to move around the city and be parked anywhere. The measurements of the Fiat Panda are as follows: it …

What are the dimensions of the Fiat Panda? This small Italian model is really compact; ideal to move around the city and be parked anywhere. The measurements of the Fiat Panda are as follows: it has a length of 3.65 meters, a width of 1.64 meters and a height of 1.55 meters.

Bold and functional design for the Panda

The image that the Fiat panda gives off is that of a multifaceted car, capable of being fun and useful at the same time. In addition, the new Fiat Panda exhales a youth unbecoming of a model born almost forty years ago. It achieves this thanks to its design, which combines undoubtedly functional forms with more attractive ones. All in order to attract the attention of the public. The new Fiat Panda is not a vehicle with a particularly striking aesthetic from the point of view of attractiveness. Rather it conveys exactly what it is.

Exterior design of the Fiat Panda

The front of the Fiat Panda is very similar to that of other models of the Fiat brand. Due to its compact dimensions and the elevation of the assembly, it is easily comparable to the Fiat 500L. The bumper and wheel arches give a sturdy look, while the optics and grille are responsible for that casual style. On the side, the shapes adopted by the new Panda are those of a minivan, something quite recurrent in compact models that seek a good use of the cabin.

The flank is composed of straight lines and precise strokes, complemented by some aesthetic license. It also highlights the glass located next to the second window, which is part of the same set as the rear window.

The rear of the new Fiat Panda features the characteristic almost straight drop of the original model. The gate takes advantage of the dimensions well and even increases its size to the sides when the body does. The pilots are positioned vertically on the sides of the lunette, and the bumper offers the same robust shapes as its front namesake.

A basic and comfortable interior

In a car of the characteristics of the Fiat Panda, the quality of its cabin is largely conditioned by the chosen finish. In the case of the fiat panda finishes, the Italian model is more attractive for comfort and utility in the highest of the range, called Lounge.

The cockpit is compact, which means that all controls are concentrated and placed within reach of the driver. The steering wheel and pedals are also quite close, so the spaciousness is offered by the dashboard. This piece extends transversely with hardly any interruptions, except in the case of the gear lever. This means that there is no separation between driver and front passenger and that the cabin of the new Fiat Panda seems larger.

The finishes and materials are basic and plastic predominates with some areas harder than they should be. The seats of the Fiat Panda are comfortable, although they can become somewhat uncomfortable on long journeys.

Trunk and equipment of the new Panda

In terms of space, the Fiat Panda 2017 offers a well-used cabin that does not compromise the occupants of the rear seats, capable of accommodating two adults. In terms of trunk capacity of the Fiat Panda, this compact Fiat allows a minimum capacity of 225 liters. This capacity of the trunk of the Fiat Panda is extended to 870 liters if the rear seats are folded down.

The equipment of the Fiat Panda is far from reaching superior models, but it is undoubtedly one of the most complete in its category. Even in the most basic finishes it has air conditioning and a good sound system. Attendees are reserved for the most expensive versions, although you can’t equip many either. Also noteworthy are the interior customization options, with several modifiable parts so that each Fiat Panda is different from the others. In addition, it is one of the most economical vehicles of the Italian manufacturer Fiat but, which Fiat Panda is cheaper to buy?

The engine range of the Fiat Panda

The selection of engines that Fiat offers for the Panda is very well chosen. Although they are not excessively powerful engines, they are very suitable for the potential displacements of this car. As a culmination, the engines of the Fiat Panda are quite efficient given their small displacement, so they are also interesting from the economic point of view.

Only one Fiat Panda diesel engine is available. It is a  95 hp MultiJet engine that replaces a less powerful predecessor and may not be the best option for this car. Here’s our test of the Fiat Panda 1.3 Multijet. The offer of gasoline engines of the Fiat Panda moves between 69 hp and 90 hp of TwinAir engines. They are propellers of less than a liter of displacement that generate good performance and agility typical of a model like this. Check out our test of the Fiat Panda TwinAir.

As an alternative engine for the Fiat Panda, there is also a 69 hp variant that runs on LPG and that is not an option to rule out if one is faithful to alternative fuels. The transmission is manual as standard, although an automatic system can be chosen as an option.

The most daring Fiat Panda

As part of Fiat’s strategy to achieve a multipurpose model, the new Panda has two variants designed for those drivers who cannot always enjoy the tranquility of the asphalt. They are called Panda Cross and Panda 4×4, and in addition to a rather striking aesthetic, they offer surprisingly good performance during offroad driving. So much so, that in many cases they can outperform other larger and more expensive all-road models.

The Panda Cross elevates its body and adds some very remarkable fenders and aesthetic details. However, the real difference is made by the Panda 4×4 which, to the aesthetic improvements, adds a quite remarkable all-wheel drive system. Both models of the Panda range have the same engines as the basic model.

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