Bosch launches a smart system to enhance the driving autonomous

The advancement of technology is leading us by the path of simplicity, especially in the world automotive conventional as we currently know it. Driving autonomous is in the mouth of all. Some will approve and others reject the fact it stop you driving your vehicle in the traditional way. To this we add the resurgence of electric cars, whether four or two wheels. The care of the environment is a priority, that’s why there is no other way other than the use of models, zero emissions.

The driving autonomously have a reason to. To avoid traffic accidents. Perhaps many will say that currently this system has not proven to be entirely reliable, due to errors, and one other accident reported to cause of failures; the question is to compare those claims vials have been reported for driving autonomous and few by driving traditional that we all know. It is obvious, the future is going toward vehicles that will take us to our destination without the need of lead.

Bosch lanza un sistema inteligente para reforzar la conducción autónoma

it Is necessary, for safety

Precisely for that reason is that the company Bosch keeps up with technological advances and above all, to new methods of driving autonomously. The German giant has just announced the creation of an intelligent software to continue to refine the new systems. The CEO of the company, Volkmar Denner, briefly explained the reasons for this new program: “artificial intelligence is the key to the vehicle automated. The cars already use sensors Bosch to control the environment but by artificial intelligence, will also be able to interpret those readings to make predictions about the behavior of other road users”, said the businessman.

Bosch lanza un sistema inteligente para reforzar la conducción autónoma


This new program will be able to interpret the behavior of others on the road, something that will have an impact directly on road safety. The company Nvidia works directly with Bosch and is in charge of providing a chip-in whose memory is stored-automatic methods of learning. The procedure of this new software will be very simple, since it will act as would a human being behind the wheel. Interpret situations when you go in movement such as a lane change or to know when another vehicle will prevent accidents when vehicles are approaching or making movements or unexpected twists, among other things.

Bosch lanza un sistema inteligente para reforzar la conducción autónoma

if this were not enough, we must also point out that Bosch prepares other systems that will reinforce a lot more security, especially when the sharing of secret data or classified; even the car owners are not allowed to alter the data stored in the mileage, something common in some countries when it comes to achieving a sale. Finally is added it will no longer be necessary to visit the workshop before time. Thanks to new technologies, the vehicles will have their scheduled appointments, always and when they touch, either for maintenance of the car or because it has detected some abnormality that warrants it to be repaired.